We take a multidisciplinary approach to ideation. Viewing a problem from more than one angle makes it more likely we’ll solve it.

That’s why our team features a variety of viewpoints:

  • a computational physicist
  • a physician
  • two industrial designers
  • two environmentalists
  • three chemists
  • three life science researchers
  • When we get into a room to tackle a problem, there is no boss. There is no pecking order. Freed from the constraints of hierarchy, the ideas start flowing. It’s a conceptual free-for-all as passionate people approach the challenge from every conceivable position.

    Devil’s advocates take their stands, and the conversation is always spirited. It may take hours, it may take days, but eventually we reach that beautiful “ah-ha” moment when we know we’re onto something.

    This is not accomplished by accident. It’s problem-driven collaborative design. Our process generates innovation – usually radical innovation – that will not merely change the world, but improve it.